A new Internet site is getting more and more attention across the nation. Go Fund Me is a simple-to-use site where people can go to raise funds for various causes – both profit and not-for-profit. The idea is a lot of people donating money – a small amount or a large amount, to support someone or something they would like to help.

The Milton High School Wrestling Team has turned to this site in an attempt to support fees needed to participate in tournaments and travel. Their Facebook page is Milton wrestling 2013.

This is the information, verbatim, for the team, pulled from the Go Fund Me site.

“Hi everyone! We are the Milton High School Wrestling Team in Milton Florida and we are trying to raise money for our team! A lot of people don't know what it involves with cost for us to even wrestle. For example: Just for us to wrestle in a tournament our fees we have to raise and pay for ourselves in just one tournament alone ranges from $375 all the way up to $675 etc. for each tournament and that is not even including the fees we have to pay for the referees! So can you imagine the cost that is added on top for when we wrestle out of town.....Gas, food, hotel etc. We are also in dire need of new singlets for our whole team to coordinate together as well and those as well run about $75 each! We struggle every year to try and raise money, but due to the popularity of other sports such as football and baseball our sport always seems to be left behind when we try and raise money..... This year out of all the years we have had the biggest turn out with up incoming wrestlers and we still do not have the funds that we need to help these boys the best that we can! So with that being said on behalf of myself Kerrie Gelb, Eric Nicholson, Jada Nicholson and The MHS Wrestling Team we would so greatly appreciate any monetary help!!!!!!!!”

If you want to help, visit Facebook and follow the link. Instructions to donate will be on the team Go Fund Me site.