As of January 1, 2014 the GEDİ is changing to a new version, becoming a more rigorous, expensive, computer based test.

According to Dr. Lisa C. Turner, adult education facilitator at Santa Rosa Adult School (SRAS), the American Council of Education went under contract with Pierson View, setting a new price for the test at $130, and changing the test to a totally based computerized examination.  Currently, the paper-style test cost $70 with SRAS students paying $50 with the choice to take a computerized version for $130.  Turner said some students already pay for the computerized version to receive their scores immediately.

Turner said the new version will comply with Common Core standards, making the test more difficult. However, teachers will begin teaching those standards beginning with the next semester.  She also said most of the states have picked up the new standards.

The tuition for SRAS remains the same at $30 for Florida residents.