A 22-year-old man riding a bicycle in the dark with no lights ended up in jail after a deputy stopped him in Pace on the 18th.  Ian Wayne McFarling was arrested after he was approached by a sheriff’s deputy who stopped the man on Avaneida Del Fuego in Santa Villa - and asked for his identification. The deputy noted in his report that McFarling seemed nervous and began to tremble as he provided his identification.

“I asked McFarling if he had anything illegal on his person,” Deputy Todd Blackburn. “After a brief pause, McFarling stated he had a dime bag in his front left pant pocket.”

Blackburnsays he removed a cigarette package with about 4.4 grams of marijuana from the man’s pocket, according to his report. McFarling was arrested and taken to the Santa Rosa County jail without incident. He was charged with possession of marijuana and possession of drug paraphernalia.