Tuesday 7:59 p.m. 


This is Raymond. Iíd like to say thank you Press Gazette for the opportunity to speak my opinion. Iíd like to say that I wonder if the white Christians in this country think they will have the opportunity to go to heaven through hate. Because, it seems like to me, the more time goes by, Christianity should play a major role in the functionality of this country. I see a lot of Christians who have a lot of hate in this country for people of color. I wonder do they think they will go to heaven. Thank you and have a blessed day.


Wednesday 850 a.m.


Hi there. I have young kids in one of the schools in pace. We are new to the public school system and Iím just left wondering why faith based teachings are not aloud, yet itís okay to have games and activities focused around ghost, spirits, magic and sorcery. This is pretty messed up.


Wednesday 7:24 p.m.


Yeah, this is George. I was just wondering if itís just legal and right if the president and his son at Pace Water system are doing no-bid work for the water system.


Wednesday 7:28 p.m 


This is Kelly. I just wanted to say I think there could be a better job of the sports editorials and the sports news. I receive and pay a subscription, would like to see better sports coverage, perhaps you should hire a second sports coverage individual. Again, thank you for your paper and I am calling about the poor sports reporting.


Thursday 8:09 a.m.


My name is Tim. In regards to the hardware store comment, I moved here a few months ago, my neighbors said to go down there and shop, I donít see why people would shop there. I had to leave and go to Pea Ridge. I agree with Robert. We need a hardware store in Milton.


Thursday 10:01 a.m.


Last weekend, one of the veteranís associations I belong to had a membership drive at a local business to find new members. I knew it would be a very joyful day because of the heavy populated area that we lived in. We were at this business for four hours, as people of all ages came out the door, everyone one of them was asked by myself if they were a veteran or knew a veteran and of the 200-300 hundred or more that I asked, I was amazed at how few were veterans - possibly only about 10%. I was really devastated and hurt by the rude and disrespectful treatment we got by almost all of the non-vets. I am a Korean vet and my friend is a Vietnam vet and 100 % disabled. As we left, I thought to myself, we fought for those peopleís freedom? Why? I wish I could grab up every one of them and send them to Iraq or Afghanistan to fight.  And maybe they would change their rude and disrespectful attitude and my grandson could come home. We need the draft back. It seems that parents can no longer make men out of boys, but I see proof that the military can and does.


Thursday 2:35 p.m.


This is regards to the Wednesday Oct. 30 Press Gazette and the person who mentioned the four branches of government and naming them, and Iím wondering if that person could do that? I am only familiar with three branches of government. Iíd like them to call back and do that. I think it would be very interesting.


Thursday 8:48 p.m.


Hi. This is (unintelligible) in Milton. I am calling about the Friday 9:51 a.m. call to the Press Gazette. I donít expect the Press Gazette to stop ignorance, but please donít perpetuate it. We have surplus of stupid people and we donít need anymore. For the callerís information, the United States Constitution set forth three branches of government: legislative, executive and judicialÖif there is a fourth, I would love to know what it is. That said, please have that caller immediately surrender his voterís registration card.  Oh, and by the way, Hillary Clinton is no longer the vice president.


Thursday 9:26 p.m.


I am calling to thank the Press Gazette for the information about the fire near my house today. It is scary to have a fire that close to a neighborhood and the information provided on the website and Facebook was very helpful. Especially the school bus stuck in traffic. My child was on that bus and to hear that a deputy was helping the bus driver get the kids home was a great relief. Again, thank you.