Nov. 11

This is Maria. I hope you have a nice paper tomorrow. I hope itís 5 or 6 inches thick. All of the beautiful bands gathered today for Veteranís Day. I hope you got beautiful pictures and print them. I hope you took beautiful pictures of the bands today.


Nov. 12  

I feel for the people in the Philippines suffering for the horrible hurricane. Americans are very giving people. Last reports, Americans gave 2 billion dollars to the people of Haiti and they are still living in tents. While Iím sure a portion of the money went to the Haitians, who holds these organizations accountable for seeing the money reach these people in desperate need? This is Dennis.


Nov 13

This is Sandra. Iím reading the law enforcement section of the paper. BTW, I love this paper. I have a question. What does Moving Traffic Violation mean? Does that mean if I travel 10 miles per hour over the speed limit Iíll get arrested? Iíd like to find out about this.


Editorís note: A moving traffic violation that is criminal is determined by State Statute.  We will do some research and let you know.


Nov. 14  

Obama care is Law. They implement part of it, not all of it. They delay it, they start it, delay it. if it fails it may be Pres. Bushís fault. It may work out, maybe not. If it fails, it may be the Repub Congress fault, those horrible republicans. If you like your insurance, you can keep it. Nope. Maybe not. One thing is for sure. The America people will be paying the tab. Stay tuned for as the world turns. This is Dennis.