This is our 3rd year living in FL, each year we have gone out and spent well over $100 on candy for Halloween Trick or Treat.  My husband and I set up our lawn chairs in our driveway and for over 2 hours we give out our candy until we run out.  We have over 500 children that visit our driveway, most that do not live in our community.  I am not fond of "bussing" children from neighborhood to neighborhood to collect more candy.  Are they really that needy for more candy?  We really enjoy the children that actually go to the effort of wearing a costume, but not so much those that don't.

Last night we did as always and gave away all of our candy by 7:15.  So we turned out all of our lights and came inside.  We then finally fixed our dinner.

We still, with all of our lights out.  Had some children ringing our doorbell.  I would get up from my dinner to tell them we were out of candy.

This morning we find that our house was "egged"!   SO we spend all of the money, we participate in the festivities of the evening, BUT because we do not have endless money and/or endless candy we get egged!  NO MORE!  We will no longer participate AT ALL!  If we are going to have this mess to deal with, have to rent a power washer to clean our house, we are NOT going to also spend money on candy for these little brats!


Mary Peddicord