Barack Obama has now knowingly lied to every American citizen about Obamacare. Americans now see the deception except those die hard democrats who will support him and make excuses   regardless of the pain he is delivering to our country. This is not his first lie nor will it be his last it was just the first notable lie told on national television many times over. Democrats believe "the end justifies the means, I believe if the means are immoral or lawless then so is the end. Democrats want no part of Obamacare for their own personal care but believe the American public should enjoy it like a spoon full of sugar. Now democrats are coming out in droves saying that the one payer system is really what they wanted and republicans blocked that option. Yet Obamacare was passed without a single republican vote in both the house and senate so it was moderate democrats who blocked the one payer system coming to a vote.

The Obama administration have gone to great lengths to place blame on others to negate their ineptness or hiding facts to cover their inability to abide by the law. All the scandals from Fast & Furious, Benghazi, I.R.S. and more, to the Obamacare crony website roll-out, democrats have failed to take any responsibility or charges filed for laws broken. Barack Obama's presidency will end along with his ability to use government to cover up his administration's corruption and history will reveal to all. I just hope at that point the American people will not allow a government that believes it is above the law to let the corrupt politicians and federal employees (all that violated the law) of this administration including Barack Obama to go unpunished.


Steven M. King