Wednesday --- 9:57 p.m.

Yeah, I bet nobody remembers today, Oct. 23, when 30th anniversary today, when 241 marines, sailors, navy and people working in the hospital in Beirut, 1983, they all got murdered by a bum. A truck full of bombs went in with explosives and killed all of them at the marine barracks They say nobody remembers. You don't see it in the news. You don't see it in the paper. You don't see it anywhere. Only the parents and the marines remember that. And God. And God, I guess. I think. I don't know. A lot of people in Milton remember, but I bet they don't remember it was today when we lost them 30 years ago. Some of the brothers and sister went all the way to the memorial today while the parents stay home. Anyway, thank you.


Thursday --- 8:38 a.m.

This is Robert. I'd like to know why the mayor is not on the phone calling Wal-Mart, getting them to come on in here. They want to come, they need to keep calling. We also need to get us a hardware store, so we don't have to keep driving to Pea Ridge for everything.