Hello this is Marion. I personally strongly protest the liquor store opening next to Veteranís Memorial park, the boardwalk, the picnic tables, and gazebos.  Many holidays are celebrated at the park by families.

Seems like there are some people who would like to turn downtown Milton into Bourbon St., downtown New Orleans, Louisiana. How sad. Thank you. 


Hey this is Dennis. Obamacare. Iím trying to figure it out. I believe it became law 3 or 3 Ĺ years ago or so, Iím not sure. Implementation has been delay after delay while the Republicans politicians in Washington try to stop it numerous times and say it will be a train wreck. Iím thinking the Democratic politicians have outfoxed the Republicans. The Republicans look bad as obstructionists. My advice for the Republicans is to take a step back and insist Ė no, demand Obamacare be implemented now, all of it, and if it wrecks, get the tag number.

What I want to know is if it is law, can the White House decide what part should be enforced and what is not enforced? I think the law should be 100 percent enforced. I think the Democrats are scared to 100 percent to implement the Obamacare law.


You have to pass a written and eyesight test to get a driverís license.  If you canít name the vice president; if you donít know there are four branches of government and name them; if you donít know the difference between the deficit and national debt; if you think Nancy Pelosi is a republican; if you canít answer basic questions about our government and current government to show you are engaged; you should not be allowed to vote.


Hey. This is Joyce from Milton. In regards to a note in the Speakout for Saturdayís paper, Robert, who said theyíd like to see a hardware store come to Milton. We have one of the best hardware stores there are in Milton. If you go in Hallís Hardware and they donít have what you are looking for, you tell them what you are looking for they will get it for you. Hallís Hardware is one of the best hardware stores around. You donít have to go to Pea Ridge for a hardware store. Please try to stop in to Hallís Hardware, Hwy. 90 in Milton.


Yeah, this is Bobby. Just got a little advice for you. The seven little words puzzle in the paper, itís the same as last Saturday. Some of us are a little slow, but you ought to put at least a month or two between before you run the same one twice. Most of us do recognize them.