President Obama says the most important lesson he learned is that you can't change Washington from the inside. Too bad he didn't learn a more important one that his superficial, artificial support of Israel will bring judgment on America.

He and Ahmadinejad are two of a kind. Israel will never be "wiped off the map," which God Himself restored in 1948. God will protect Israel, the apple of His eye, as He did in 1967, the six-day war.

Iran's goal is to Islamize the whole world, to hasten the return of their Mahdi, who will offer Jews and Christians to convert, killing those who refuse.

In contrast, when the Almighty Living God Jesus Christ returns, which could be soon and very soon, there will be peace on earth. The "wheat" will rejoice; the "tares" receive judgment.

The anti-Semitic, anti-Israel are in for a rude awakening. Shame on the UN allowing Admadinejad to speak on the most important
Jewish holiday, Yon Kippur. The U.S. delegation should have walked out with the Israeli one.

Many advocated for the dissolution of the U.N. America foots most of the bill for it. Obama should have guts to shut Admadinejad's mouth. all the former gives a "damn" about is re-election.

Hillary had to meet world leaders with home Obama minimizes contact. After his speech he "got out of Dodge." Shame. Shame.
I voted twice for Alan Keys, the God-fearing black candidate whom Obama defeated for Senatorship. Keyes would have made and excellent president.

Israel shouldn't allow others to tell her what to do. Similarly, the black Mormon mayor from Utah, candidate for the Legislature, a real breath of fresh air whose name escapes me (Mia Love). She says she's not going to be told by others what to do. Go girl!
I reiterate, as for years, Israel has the right to defend herself. Everyone should read, heed, the greatest book every written, the Holy Bible, aka basic instruction before leaving earth.

God bless us all as only He can.

Chrys Holley
Milton, Fla.