Tuesday --- 12:34 p.m.

Yes, this is Maria in Milton. I just feel so sorry for the family in Georgia that a young man went to get help and he knock on somebody's door and the people call the police. And the police come and shoot that young man and kill him. He tackled him first.

Why we have these kind of policeman in the first? They didn't go to Afghanistan or Iraq or Somalia to clean the country. We don't need these kind of police men. The police supposed to help you, not kill you. And the young man wasn't violent. He just came to somebody's house for help because he had a little wreck and he probably didn't have a cell phone. Like, even the cats have one, but he didn't have one.

That's very sad that the police kill that young man. Anyway, he is the one to see God face to face. The policeman will probably see hell, hoping. These people should not be in this world. Thank you.


Tuesday --- 12:38 p.m.

Yes, I just want to say that what happened in Georgia really is a sad thing. It is a sad thing for the country because it looks like its happening daily. People don't care anymore. They don't care if you need help or not. If you come decent to the door and knock for help. What they do? They call the police. What the police do? You don't expect the police do what they did to this man in Georgia.

But it happened, and its happening every day in Pensacola. Two young men die, good or bad, black or white. It shouldn't have happened that way. We in a civilized country. We not in a third country.

It's not happening. We too busy that we don't care. This is Maria in Milton.


Wednesday --- 5:51 p.m.

W. O. Jones, Jay. Is it really true on the front page of the 9-18 Press Gazette that the City of Milton is going to penalize smokers? Okay, I understand that.

But they're not going to penalize obese people. Is that what it said, too? Smoker's are a cash cow for governments, if you go to the tobacco farmer all the way to the user. Obese people are a big negative to governments. So why are they going to keep the obese people instead of the smokers.

Now, I may have to run down to one of these city councils and see if there's  many City Councilmen who's BMI is over 30. We'll just check that out. Maybe, it's because there are fewer smokers than there are obese people and most of these people are worried about getting elected. Any way, snicker snicker. Bye.


Wednesday --- 6:24 p.m.

Yeah, this is Bobby. A couple of things. I was wondering why the cops followed the lady, Ms. Fretwell, all the way to her house, if she was so drunk and driving so reckless. Why would they not pull her over? If they were going to follow her home, they might as well let her go to bed.

And another thing, I don't think it'll hold up with the City penalizing people for smoking.

I don't smoke. I don't have anything to do with it. But, how can you penalize people who smoke, tell them they have to pay extra when one of those biggest things in the country is overweight people---I'm one of those, too.

That's probably why I have diabetes. I take high blood pressure medicine and all that. I think if you going to jack up the insurance for people that smoke, you should jack it up for everybody that's at risk.

And the only other thing is, I call in at least once a week. You used to print my calls, but I guess you don't like what I say, because you haven't printed one in several weeks. Thank you.


Wednesday --- 7:06 p.m.

The letter to the editor from Carl Hudgens in the 9-18 Press Gazette has said exactly what so many of us feel, which is deep seeded anger and frustration with the misguided local, state and national government spending that is out of control. And nothing's going to change it short of a revolution, I'm afraid. Bye.