The U.S. Marshals Florida Regional Fugitive Task Force arrested two Pensacola men last week; one a fugitive wanted in two states and the other who appears to have been working in the local drug trade. Kendrell Nashawn Rivers is wanted for probation violation warrants in Escambia County and in Lafayette, Louisiana. Authorities in Lafayette have been searching for Rivers since 2010 and the Marshals there adopted the case in 2012.

The Marshals Task Force in Pensacola was asked to help earlier this summer but the 33-year-old remained elusive until Tuesday. The other man, Darius Arnell Brown was arrested at his home on the 5700 Block of Keystone Road. The Task Force was searching for Rivers who is Brown’s half-brother. The Task Force repeatedly knocked on the door and Brown would not come to the door. Eventually Marshals and Task Force members from Escambia County were allowed inside, but did not find Rivers.

Instead, during their search they came across 2.3 pounds of marijuana, 2.4 grams of cocaine and over $14,000 in cash. Brown, 32, was arrested and charged with possession of cocaine and marijuana over 20 grams. Both the drugs and cash were seized by the Sheriff’s Office. Brown was also charged with possession of drug paraphernalia. After arresting Brown, the Task Force continued their search for Rivers. Rivers eventually surrendered to Task Force Officers at the Sheriff’s warrant office. Rivers also had three outstanding warrants for not paying child support in Escambia County. Both men were booked into the Escambia County Jail where Rivers is being held and Brown has a bond of $5000.