Some like it slathered in sauce, while others prefer a tad bit of tang with a vinegar-base, letting the flavors mingle in a slow tango of devilish debauchery. A few out there who simply like a dry rub.

One man is looking to put his own spin on a culinary classic, looking to make his mark on barbecue. He's saying it's a revitalization of southern culture, a cultural revival of classic cooking with a nouveau Santa Rosa County-twist.

Mike Thomas, owner of the Tastee Freez in Milton, has acquired the old Red Barn Bar BQ property, intending to bring his passion for the restaurant industry to create his own brand.

"It's going to be southern-style barbecue," Thomas said. "Our intention is to honor the new-south culture."

Even though, he says it will be more southeastern style than Texan, there will be brisket on the menu along with a few dry-rub recipes.

There's a food movement, praised by an organization called the Southern Foodways Alliance. The SFA honors and studies the intricate delicacies of various styles of cooking all across the south, recognizing both traditional and modern rebirths of classic dishes.

The exact specifics of the menu are still being contemplated, but one can expect barbecue, with a variety of other selections for greater, mass appeal.

"Barbecue is kind of a guy thing," Thomas said. "We're going past traditional items, to items that appeal to both men and women, with salads and seafood-menu options with something like shrimp and grits."

Thomas will be re-branding the building with a fresh look. Structurally, it will remain the same, but the atmosphere will be dramatically different, with modifications to the ambiance and decor of the restaurant.

"We're not going to be white table cloth fancy," Thomas said. "We're not going to be an old-south restaurant either."

Thomas is bringing in Bob Page, barbecue aficionado from Chattanooga, Tenn., as a partner in the venture. He carries years of experience in the industry, established in southern-barbecue joints.

His father, Grover Thomas, founded the Tastee Freez in the 50s. He passed away a few years ago, according to his son. The new venture will be named "Grover T," in his honor.