Monday --- 10:43 p.m.

This call is for the editor. I'd like to know why the politician's addresses, phone numbers, e-mails section that used to be in the newspaper has been taken out.

We need them more now than ever so we can contact our political representatives. Please put them back in. Thank you.


Wednesday --- 10:15 a.m.

Hi. This message is to the school-related employees of the Santa Rosa County school district. Are you aware that SRPE, Santa Rosa Professional Educators, has proposed to the school board that teachers divide all the $4.2 million given to Santa Rosa County for raises among themselves---and giving none of it to the school-related employees.

SRPE solicited and won the honor of representing the school-related employees several years ago. Does it sound as though they're representing us now? The school board has proposed diving up the funds among all school district employees as they feel this is the only fair option.

Certainly, teachers are the most important front line people. However, I do not believe that they do they job they do without teacher assistance, secretaries, food service, bus drivers, custodians, etc.

Their proposal includes the addition that if the school-related employees get a raise this year, it must come from the district's general fund, not from their money. The $4.2 million was given to Santa Rosa County by the governor of Fla. to be used for raises with the stipulation that the distribution of the funds be negotiated with the local teacher's union

Where is the representation for the school-related employees? The difference is $1,800 for teachers if the funds are divided up among them and $1,400 of the funds are divided among all school employees.

I don't believe that $400 will make the kind of impact on teacher's annual income that $1,400 would make on the lowest paid employees in the system. Do you?


Wednesday --- 10:52 a.m.

Yeah, this is Raymond and I'd like to say that Santa Rosa County is full of child molesters, meth makers, haters and ignorant people who always just run off at the mouth and love guns to death for no reason.

If you want to be constructive in anything in what you're seeing----First of all, stop being a hater, and then get in line and try to do something to try and cause the problems to not be the way they are. Other than that, you ought to zip your lip.


Wednesday --- 8:54 p.m.

Hey, this is Dennis. It's time for us to get beyond skin color and republican versus democrat. We're living in a critical time. I see where things can go bad quickly. We live in an insane evil, world.

Some people around the world want to live in a constant state of war. Thank god we live with two large oceans on each side of us. The Atlantic and the Pacific Oceans. We need a strong military, but we do not need to get involved in every conflict in the world.

We should respond to any imminent threat to the homeland. But some politicians want us to get involved in everything. I believe they need to step back and take a deep breath. After 23 years of war, we need a strong dose of peace. Thank you.


Wednesday --- 11:18 p.m.

Yes, I'm calling on Press Gazette's football preview. I feel sorry for those youngins, I know they wish their pictures would have turned out better. But Bill Gamblin didn't do very good. You can't see none of their faces.

That's just a pure waste, waste of paper and everything not to show their faces. It's ridiculous. He's not one that cares too much about his work---his picture taking, or surely, y'all wouldn't run it. Or even set them out to be in the paper. That's ridiculous. Get your pictures right in y'alls paper.