Avalon Bowling Center has a lot of youthful energy filling its lanes every Saturday morning.  Area youth bowlers meet every Saturday morning and receive training, correction and encouragement as they prepare for the start of their 2013 competitive bowling season. Bowling, as in every other sport requires practice and instruction.  Bob Kuzirian and house specialist Deric Morris provide this direction and assistance as the leaders of the youth league.  Kuzirian, who has been working with youth competitive bowling for five years speaks proudly of his team as he shares some of their accomplishments such as the scholarship funds some bowlers have received during competitions the past two seasons. 

He sys many find their competitive nature as well as their determination to succeed through the game of bowling.  “Bowling is not a glamourized sport with a lot of money, but it is very rewarding and beneficial to the youth who are on the team,” said Kuzirian. This is just what Morris discovered as he proudly wears an impressive ring on his finger representing his personal accomplishments through bowling.  He found his niche through bowling and shares his love of the sport through sharing his knowledge through the youth as well as any of the numerous competitive leagues or casual bowler that he encounters at Avalon.  Deric’s pride in assisting the youth is evident, as he doesn’t hesitate to work with them individually. Milton High School student, Christian Feliberty is very proud that he placed second for his age division last season and is working harder than ever to prepare for this upcoming season.  He enjoys the things he has accomplished through the sport and the competition.  Christian as well as all his teammates can be found working hard at Avalon Bowling Center.