Law enforcement agencies joined forces last week, serving a felony warrant on a 21-year-old Milton man wanted for multiple gun violations after shots were fired during a street fight, according to police reports.

The Milton Police Department, working with the Santa Rosa Sheriff's office and the U.S. Marshals Florida Regional Fugitive Task Force arrested Christopher Cassity at his residence at 5835 Stewart St. early in the morning on June 20.

Cassity and several others were detained while police searched the residence for a gun they say was fired during a front-yard brawl earlier this month, according to reports. Cassity told police the gun was already gone, but he admitted to having a digital scale and a "little bit of weed," according to the report. The search did not reveal a handgun. The marijuana paraphernalia was confiscated by police.

Cassity was arrested for firing a weapon in public, firing a deadly missile into a vehicle, possession of a firearm by a convicted felon, improper exhibition of dangerous weapons or firearms and disturbing the peace. Another individual involved in the fight, Kyhem Johnson had a warrant for disturbing the peace and was arrested.

The arrests stem from an altercation that occurred between two individuals at 6642 Dearborn St. An investigation yielded conflicting statements from the parties involved. Police gathered evidence from video footage of the incident showing the events and issued a warrant for Cassity.

Justin Borders told police Cassity shot at him.  Reports say Borders was seen exiting a white Toyota 4 Runner at the residence. Cassity jumped from the porch and the two exchanged a flurry of punches. The two took a break from the melee for a moment and then continued the fight.

Reports say Cassity fell during the fight and Borders took the opportunity to kick him while he was down and then run toward the waiting vehicle, looking for an escape. Cassity was restrained from pursuing the altercation by another man. Johnson, who was watching the fight jumped onto the side of the white Toyota, punching the driver of the vehicle as it left.

Borders returned minutes later, driving by the house in a maroon Silverado. Cassity ran inside the residence, comes out with a gun and fired four shots at the vehicle from the end of his driveway, Milton Police reports say.

The victim said the two had an "ongoing feud for the past year due to a prior incident," according to the report.

Cassity was booked into Santa Rosa County Jail with no bond. Johnson's bond was set at $2,000. They have been released.