Milton Police responded to an alarm at King Middle School after someone broke into the school last week before summer break began. The break-in caused damage to the building, but the crooks left empty handed Wednesday night or early Thursday morning, according to Principal David Gunter.

The assailants attempted to break in through two doors of the school, but were denied access because of the tempered, safety glass of the door, according to the principal. The burglars finally broke through the safety glass of a third door. After gaining access to the school, headed toward administrative offices.

"It looks like their intent was to either damage or destroy the video system," Gunter said. "When they got to the school, they knew where the video system was."

They burglars pulled wires from the system and did cause damage to the system, according to the principal. Even though the burglars had the opportunity, they did not steal anything of value.

"The hallway they went through, there were a lot of high value items," Gunter said. "We took an inventory there were televisions, laptops and cell phones---none of the items were missing."

The principal speculated that it was a "targeted" break-in, because nothing was stolen.

Teachers were informed of the incident before school started, according to Gunter. The teachers policed their areas and were put on "high alert." They were asked to keep an eye out for suspicious activity.

Charlie Parker, Maintenance Foreman said the damage to the building was minimal. He said the door with the broken glass would be fixed in a few days. He did not have an estimate on the total cost of the damage.

Police are investigating the incident.