A mother and son have been arrested by Santa Rosa Sheriff's Deputies and charged with numerous burglaries and property crimes after an extensive investigation lead them to the pair.

Bobby Ann Nettles,  43, and her son, Kentari, 23, both of Skyline Drive, are accused of committing seven burglaries to structures in Santa Rosa County, according to arrest reports. Deputies indicate their investigation leads back to an April incident when a man on Kennington Cir., Milton, came home and interrupted a burglary in progress. Reports say Bobby Ann Nettles was sitting in the driver's seat of her gold Chevrolet Cavalier in the homeowner's driveway and pretended to be lost, asking for directions. As she left and the victim turned toward his house to go inside, he noticed a light turn on in his bedroom and then turn off again. He entered the home to find numerous items missing and his room ransacked.

On the same day of the Kennington Cir. burglary, three people inside the gold Chevy Cavalier crashed a vehicle with deputies pursuing and the occupants fled, according to reports. Deputies say there was blood in the vehicle, indicating the occupant(s) were hurt. It was later discovered that Kentari Nettles, Sidney Slack and Crystal Johnson were inside the car. They are accused of breaking into a closed business just minutes before. In a trash can near the crashed vehicle deputies say they found items reported stolen the day before.

A few hours after the crash, reports say Bobby Ann Nettles reported her car stolen,  using her home address to make the report.  When deputies arrived there, they say, "Numerous articles of property that were linked to various area burglary/thefts were recovered from Kentari's room.

Five days later, deputies say another burglary happened where credit cards and property were stolen. After tracking credit card purchases, suspects were identified. Four were charged.

Bobby Ann Nettles remains in the Santa Rosa County jail on a bond of $20,500, charged with one count each of: burglary; larceny; making false report; fraud-false statement; fraud - illegal use of credit cards; property damage/criminal mischief. Her son, Kentari Nettles is being held on $202,750 bond. He was charged with six burglaries; eight counts of larceny; and five counts of property damage. In addition, Johnny Johnson, 27, was arrested and charged with four counts of burglary; six counts of larceny; and three counts of property damage/criminal mischief. He is being held on $185,750 bond.  Crystal Marie Johnson, 28 was arrested and charged with one count burglary; one count larceny; one count of property damage/criminal mischief and one count of fraud - illegal use of credit card. she is being held on $22,000.

All four are still in custody, according to Santa Rosa County jail records.