Speak Out!


Tuesday - 7:56 a.m.


This is Ian. I bought something at the local store, here. I went home and slipped it on and it fit. And I look on the package and guess what---It said made in USA. I appreciate the store buying a good old USA product. And I'm glad I bought a USA product. Good for the USA.


Tuesday - 3:08 p.m.


Hi, this is regarding Pace Area Recreation Association. We received a text message this morning that was forwarded from the leadership, the committee, at Pace Rec.


They are ending our ball season without any warning. Yes, some teams are losing one game, maybe more but where's the use in that. I mean, our children want to know why they're stealing games from us, why they can't play, if they're not good enough or people are tired of seeing them play.


They didn't give us any explanation. We pay our money just like anyone else, any other group. And we don't understand why that they are doing that.


Nicki at PARA cannot be reached. We were just wondering what was going on with that. If you could contact them and find out, that would be wonderful. Because there's a lot of upset parents, I'm sorry, that will not return back to Pace next year.


Tuesday - 7:48 p.m.


Yes, this is Maria. The memorial day at the plaza, the Veterans Plaza over here in Milton was beautiful. I know it was hot but everything was very good. And a lot of people was in the shade.


And even the ducks came to pay tribute to the veterans. It was so funny they was walking around the people. Anyways all the harmony and the prayer was beautiful


And everyone was taking care. And the weather beautiful, it was a little breezy and that was good. We love the ceremony this year more than ever before. Thank you.


Tuesday - 10:11 p.m.


Yeah, I just like to say, about the couple from Cantonment. They take the children away from them, for the problem they have. Somebody go and report them.


Why were they so low with problem. Why somebody don't come and give them a plate of food. Bring them fresh water. Do something good for them. No compassion. They had to go to the authority and wait to take the kids away from the parents.


Yes, and we all look for fault. No good parents or whatever.


But nobody come and give a hand. They put everyone in jail. How they going to get a $30,000 fine to go out on bond and they don't have no food for the kids.

Wow, are we so generous? So generous. So much money to waste away. And these people have nothing to eat. But nobody help them. Thank you.


Tuesday - 10:27 p.m.


Yes, you know this couple that got in trouble in Cantonment with the children that they didn't have any food and electricity and water. I think we should help them. A group that come and help clean the house. And then we could spend some money in food so you know, that'd be nice to do that to them. Anyway, I'd think that'd be wonderful. Thank you.


I mean let's get a backup group to clean and help them to get on their feet and their children back. Because there's no compassion in this world. And if we can do it for the illegal, then we can do it for the world.


Thank you, this is Maria in Milton. Look for me in Saint Rose of Lima church and I will get some people to come and help. Thank you.


Wednesday 8:57 a.m.


Yeah, I just say like I said last night. You know if everybody help these people that got in trouble because these children were alone or dirty or the house was dirty.

They need to get help with food, electrify and water and pay the bill. It would be different.

If we can help all the illegal that come here---help our own. We need to help them.

A young couple that probably don't have money to pay the bills. And then they charge them $30,000 for bond from jail.


How can you jail the parents that walk in the street with the children pushing the car. That's not illegal in America, or any other country.


I think we start help people that need help. It's not one house only, dirty or whatever. It's more of that like that in America. So look around.


And the neighbor that blow the whistle on her, why she didn't help before. When they need help. Why did she wait until it got out of hand. What a good, neighborly lady. Very, very good. I hope she don't get in that situation herself. Thank you.



Wednesday - 9:12 a.m.


Yes, I know you guys probably get tired of me calling, probably the only one to complain about these people that they arrested in Cantonment, young couple, with three kids.

And if they were drinking. Okay. I just say over here on Highway 90, there's more liquor stores than churches. We need to close these stores. Too much traffic and drunk drive and all that stuff.


We need to help this couple with three kids. A lot of family leave their kids at home, younger than them---The three ones in this house. This couple needs help. They don't need to be arrested. They in America. You don't get arrested if you don't do drugs or anything like that. The police have to keep eye on the real criminals. Thank you this is Maria.


Wednesday 10:58 p.m.


I support what Mike Motes and Gerald Woods are standing for. In America, we have something called freedom of association. It's about time we get back to our roots. Thank you.


Thursday 12:33 p.m.


I agree with the need for a police officer in our public schools. It is regrettable that this situation calls for a resource officer.


However, I do not agree with the sheriff's submission that this would have to require a police car for those resource officers.


Most of the calls, if there were trouble at the school, he could obviously be calling for a back-up car, anyhow. I see no reason that when his duties are going to be solely at a school that he can drive to and from work the same as most other people do.


I recognize that there is value in a marked car, that it in itself does deter some criminal activity. And I recognize that is also that when a deputy drives when a deputy drives a car home or somewhere else.


But this is a school resource officer, the budget should not call for a car for these additional positions. That should not hold up the establishment of a resource officer in every school in the county or in the ones that is felt is necessary. Thank you.