My name is J.R. Powers. I would like to publically recognize the outstanding employee at the Dollar General Store in Pace.

This DG Store employee's name is "Ben". I have never been to a store anywhere that (has an) employee who greets the customers with a very awesome and friendly attitude—an attitude that makes shopping there more enriching.

Each customer that enters and leaves, he acknowledges in a very polite, outstanding attitude. Each person that enters this store, if he is there, he always tells the customer, "Hello Buddy. How are you today?"

Then upon entering the checkout counter, Ben acknowledges with the same statement. This employee has the best customer service attitude that brings customers back to that store. It is very enriching when I enter this store and Ben is there with a smile and acknowledging the customers in his very professional attitude.

If folks are seeking a friendly store to shop that has a great employee who will greet them, they have to stop at the Dollar General Store in Pace. And maybe, if he is there working, Ben will have you keep shopping there on a regular basis. You will be very surprised at how this employee, as young as he is, has a very dedicated and loyal heart for both customer and his employment.

I want to say, "Thank you, Ben," for your outstanding personality that shines on your customers.


J.R. Powers