Central School hosted the Miss Central Pageant on Saturday, April 27. The theme for this year’s pageant was “A Class Act:  A Tribute to Audrey Hepburn”.   

Young ladies in grades pre-k through 12 competed in five different age divisions. 

They were judged in two categories: “Outfit of Choice”—where the ladies wore a costume portraying the Golden Age of Hollywood. 

The second category was Formal Wear. 

The contestants were judged on the originality of their costumes, adherence to the theme, overall appearance, stage presence, and interview questions.  

While all of the young ladies were absolutely lovely, the winners in each division were:

Tiny Miss Central:  Layla Andrews
Little Miss Central:  Hailey Saxton
Junior Miss Central:  Lexie Bradley
Future Miss Central:  Taylor Stephens
Miss Central:  Holly Patterson