Detective John Stone has been chosen as the Police Officer of the Year by Veterans of Foreign Wars (VFW) Post 4833. Det. Stone has been assigned to investigative duties in the Milton Police Department for nine years.

He exemplifies the qualities expected of a Detective. Det. Stone is of the opinion that his job is not to just prove someone’s guilt, but innocence if needed. During the past year, two specific cases have been brought where the evidence strongly indicated the guilt of the identified suspects. Det. Stone conducted a thorough investigation in both cases which cleared the initial suspects of any wrongdoing. His investigation was able to identify the correct suspects and lead to their arrest.

Det. Stone’s desire to conduct thorough investigations has recently been extremely effective. A case was presented to the police department involving child abuse issues. An arrest was made for initial charges, but Det. Stone continued following the case and investigating it.

His efforts developed evidence he was able to use which resulted with the suspect being charged with 42 additional charges of possession of child pornography. Det. Stone was recently honored for his consistent, outstanding work and personal sacrifice serving the community.

He was presented a Certificate of Appreciation in grateful recognition of unyielding adherence to the highest ideals of law enforcement in maintaining, preserving and protecting the lawful rights of all citizens.