A recorded message went out last week from the Santa Rosa County School Superintendent Tim Wyrosdick to let parents know of a letter received by his office and a school in the district expressing "concern over the possible condition of a student in our of our schools." Wyrosdick said in the message, which went out Friday evening, "The letter was anonymous but concerned me enough that I alerted all of our schools and notified the appropriate law enforcement authorities. In no way did this lead me to believe our students are at an additional risk and schools are operating normally."

According to Milton police, it started last week when a man walked into three different locations in Santa Rosa County, delivering the same note to school officials. According to a report filed by the Milton Police Department, the man, a white male, walked into the school board office on Canal St and dropped a piece of paper on the floor, then left. The receptionist found the paper a few minutes later and turned it over to School Superintendent Tim Wyrosdick.

The officer says Wyrosdick reported another note had been dropped off at Berryhill Elementary School. Milton Police Captain David Cox confirms the notes carried the same message.

A couple of hours later, the report says Wyrosdick called Milton Police to let them know another identical note had been dropped off at the Berryhill Administrative Complex, in the mailbox.

All of the notes read, "Talk to each and every child @ your schools. Privately. About what goes on in their homes. Tomorrow."

Milton Police Cpl. Mike Cline states in his report, "The notes left were not specific threats directed to anyone. It implied that a child may be having problems at home and the school system needs to inquire from their students about their home life."

Milton police closed their case, but Santa Rosa Sheriff's officials are investigating, according to a release issued Monday. Officials at the Sheriff's Office say, "...a letter was delivered to a school staff member and the verbiage in the letter did not indicate threats to the school, students or staff. We are not certain why the letter was hand delivered or even the motive behind it. The letter referenced activities unrelated to school functions." Additional deputies are looking at the incident and additional school patrols have been issued as a precaution, the release says.

Sheriff's officials say more information will be released as it becomes available.

Wyrosdick says the message that went out to parents was intended to let parents know what was happening because erroneous information was spreading in the school communities.

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