Thank you Bob Cole!

Today on our local radio station (WEBY) that promotes our community in myriad ways and does a wonderful job doing it - Commissioner Bob Cole called in to talk to us about the Santa Rosa County Judicial Building - he's been "talking" about that subject the entire time he's been in office.

This time - I really liked what he was saying, and should say, I liked the way he presented the entire concept. Bob Cole is one of those guys who meet every situation "head on" and this is a subject that he is meeting in that clear and precise way.

Last week a caller to the above radio station was making "sour grapes" statements about Bob Cole's approach to this much needed and long hoped for building - I say "sour grapes" because this person lost a run for the commission's office to Bob and is always quick in any attempt to make Bob look anything but what he is - a very civic minded commissioner who really cares for Santa Rosa County.

Bob Cole does have "friends" here in Santa Rosa County - his constituents! We feel like we are his friends because he makes us feel that way. It was elluded that the impetus for Bob Cole's tenacity was because of his "friends" who might gain somehow, in a financial way. Well, if I were a snake, I wouldn't have a pit to hiss in and I know I can call Mr. Cole at any reasonable time - he will ALWAYS take the call OR call back - and I am just an ordinary, everyday peon who doesn't always agree with Bob.

Again, I liked what Bob Cole said on the radio this morning and for the very first time - I support him in his struggle to bring to Santa Rosa County the much discussed and much needed judicial center - everyone agrees that it is needed and only Bob Cole is working to make it happen.

Go Bob Cole - I hope everyone can come on board and support the best plan that will emerge from the county commissioner's office.

Jerry Cummings