Monday - 7:09 p.m.

Yes, I think that someone should bury the young man that died in Boston. I know what he did is wrong, very serious and bad. But Osama Bin Laden, he the worst, but President Obama buried him at sea. So, I think that he needs to bury this one, too. This is Maria from Milton.


Monday - 8:20 p.m.

Hey, this is Dennis. I've never been a government, conspiracy theory nut. I was skeptical when the government was putting fluoride in our drinking water saying that they wanted to keep us from getting cavities in our teeth. Please, our government spends millions of dollars because they want to prevent cavities.

I bought an ipad five months ago, I was goofing around on YouTube and came across jet contrails or chemtrails. What is the government spraying in our skies? Maybe that is why birds are falling from the skies and the bee population is down 40 percent. What effect can the spraying do to the human population? Doubt me?

Look up on a clear day, and you can see chemtrails from the Alabama borderline to Okaloosa County. Thank you.


Tuesday - 10:18  a.m.

Yes, I just want to talk about these two girls that were found alive that were missing for 9-10 years. They miss parents and the parents miss them.

I wonder what they going to do with that guy.


Thursday - 7:43 a.m.

Good morning, this is Joe. I was passing by a disgusting looking place on Highway 87, south of the Berrydale crossroads---all that junk and clutter, right there next to the road. When is the department of transportation or code enforcement going to clean up all that mess? That is the most unsightly, disgusting place I have seen in a long time.

Would you please get something done about this? Thank you.


Thursday - 9:12 a.m.

I thought that I had read that the city of Milton said no smoking in the city limits or no smoking on city property. But there's a male and a female employee at the Milton City Hall, out on the patio smoking a cigarette right now, right by the walking trail. As I was walking by, I saw them. Thank you.


Thursday - 7:10 p.m.

Bruce Crutchfield was killed on Highway 90. He was not drinking. He had gout. You had no right to print that about alcohol. Everybody that a cop kills is either a drug addict or a drunk. Don't ever print that about somebody you don't know. And this is his sister Brenda Crutchfield.


Editor's note: We are sorry the information we printed offended you. We often state in accident articles whether alcohol was a factor or not in a crash. We did not say he had been drinking, we reported the Florida Highway Patrol is waiting for blood tests to determine that fact.