A Santa Rosa Sheriff's deputy escaped serious injury Thursday night after a 22-year-old man who was later arrested for DUI, tried to ram his squad car at a high rate of speed, and ended the evening by backing over the squad car, breaking the windshield with the deputy inside, according to Sheriff's reports.

Cameron Kimmons, Milton, became the target of an investigation after his family reported he had been drinking and was drunk behind the wheel of a pickup truck he took without permission.

Deputy Lance Bird says he responded to the original call of a stolen vehicle in the 4400 block of Arcadia St. just before 8 p.m. When he arrived, Kimmon's grandfather told him his grandson had been sitting in the front yard drinking and listening to music. It was reported Kimmons did not have a driver's license and drove off with a Ford F150 belonging to his grandfather. It was believed he might have gone to his mother's home, so deputies went there to check, according to Sheriff's reports. Upon arrival, Bird discovered Kimmons had been there doing donuts in the front yard and left at a high rate of speed. Reports say deputies were told Kimmons might be violent or suicidal.

A short time later, the truck was spotted on Nichols Lake Rd., heading at a high rate of speed toward Bird. The truck passed the deputy's car, causing Bird to do a turnaround, activate his emergency lights and attempt to catch Kimmons in the truck. Two other deputies entered the area by this time, Deputy Kyle Gillman and Deputy Roman Jackson. As Bird closed in on Kimmons, reports say the man made an abrupt turn and pointed the truck head-on at the patrol car driven by Gillman.  The deputy, according to Bird's report, turned quickly into a ditch to prevent a collision.

A pursuit began, with deputies attempting to catch Kimmons. Bird says Kimmons jerked the Ford pickup into the other lane of traffic several times, right at cars. The Lieutenant in charge, who Bird noted, did not know due to heavy radio traffic that Kimmons tried to hit Gillman’s patrol car, called off the pursuit.

Traveling west on Hickory Hammock Rd., Bird says he followed the truck driven by Kimmons at a normal rate of speed, saying in his report that he was certain Kimmons did not know he was behind him. Bird says he observed the truck nearly run off the road two or three times. He followed the truck north on Ward Basin Road to I10, westbound. The truck left the interstate at Garcon Point Road and went north, turning onto DaLisa. The truck began traveling at a high rate of speed and Bird says he was not able to see the truck's taillights, but caught sight of the truck again when he found it stopped by a train on the tracks at DaLisa Rd. and Warren Rd.

At that point, deputies attempted to block the truck in, with Gillman coming up from behind. Bird says Kimmons responded by putting the truck in reverse, peeling out and ramming the front of Gillman's patrol car, going over the hood backwards, and flipping the truck onto it side, landing on DaLisa Road. The windshield on the patrol car broke, throwing glass on the deputy. Slightly injured, Gillman got out of his car and the three deputies approached the truck, according to the report.

Bird says Kimmons was irate and was cussing and yelling at the deputies, refusing to obey commands to show his hands, so for safety issues, Bird used his taser. Kimmons was then secured, handcuffed and taken to jail, charged with DUI with property damage - by the Florida Highway Patrol, Trooper M. Register, who worked the crash.

Santa Rosa Sheriff's deputies charged Kimmons with fleeing to elude leo at high speed; operate motor vehicle without a valid license; assault on officer; agg battery on officer; vehicle theft; and resisting officer - obstructing w/o violence.  He is being held on $159,000 bond, according to jail records.