Speak Out!


Thursday 1:47


Yes. I was reading April the sixth paper. And I seen where Milton was voting on the audience for the vote on Sunday alcohol sales and they was just going to do the downtown street and not all of the restauarnts in Milton. I don't think that's fair. They should, if they going to have alcohol sales at one restaurant, just beacuse it's on the waterfront, they should include the other restaurants in the city that sells alcohol, like the roadhouse and places like that. Thank you for listening and I hope they will change their mind and let everybody in Milton haave be able to sell alcohol on Sunday.



Friday 10:20 a.m


Yes, I read in the Pensacola News Journal that the Milton City Council voted against the Sunday alcohol for the restaurants. Isn't it a separation of church and state? Especially when these people say that it was their Christian beliefs that made them vote that way. Seems to be a little hypocritical that way. So may and also may they extend the hours, but they can't have a drink on Sundays while your eating dinner. That is very hypocritical.


Saturday 3:34 p.m.


Yes, I been here in Milton. I been here so much that wine store and wine on Sunday or you can buy beer and wine on Sunday. I don't drink. I really don't drink. But I hate for people to spend the money and then get in an accident. And every time somebody come out of a bar or nightclub, I call the police right behind me to see if they smell the alcohol in the *. Now what kind of business is that. Homemade business. Homemade family. The wine make every store of the police department. I dont think it's fair or they be there waiting for the people to come out to see if they breath smell of alcohol. It's more than probably 300 stores that over here that sell, only on 90 they have 15 or 20. I don't think that it's fair. They should close all of them.


Monday 3:12


This is Kenneth. Here we go again. See, at the Boston marathon, there's been a great explosion. Now whether it is terrorists, or madmen, I know not. But I do know this. How congress is  busy trying to take away our weapons. Instead of our homeland security out there protecting us, they are probably drawing up plans as to how they can confiscate our weapons. I think it's time that they really attack the problem that exists. And the primary problem is the people that have mental problems.


Our country offers no safety net for them. We have done away with most of our mental institutions. We have no way of taking care of the people that desperately need it. So what are they doing? They are terrorizing the country. And some of them could really be helped if our congress would get off their duffs and do something about it. Our homeland security evidentially is a total failure again.


I think it's time we recall a bunch of congressmen and senators. I think it's time that we get tired of putting up with some of this stuff and do something about it. Thank you.