UPDATE: 19:48    Santa Rosa sheriff's deputies were dispatched to check out a red Ford Focus. Just minutes after arriving on scene, they reported Greer in custody with no incident. He will be taken to the jail and held for Escambia County Sheriff's officials on no bond.

This information was received over the police scanner.

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One woman is in jail, a second is questioned by investigators—and a man wanted for the murder of Harvey Ray Smith, Pace, has been now arrested by Santa Rosa County deputies. Milton resident Zachary Vance Greer was being sought on an open count of murder and robbery. Greer is being taken to the Santa Rosa County jail, on a hold for Escambia Sheriff's investigators on no bond. He was with a red Ford Focus, as Escambia Sheriff's officials advised.

Smith's family reported him missing to Santa Rosa authorities then went looking for him on their own. They reportedly found him dead in the trunk of his vehicle at a Motel 6 on Davis Hwy, according to Escambia officials. He had been stabbed to death.

Investigators say Deborah Leann Burge has been arrested on robbery and murder charges after she admitted to police she helped set up the victim to be robbed. Burge told investigators she texted Smith to come to her home in Molino, Escambia Sheriff's reports say, where Greer waited to rob him. When he arrived, Smith gave Burge and Greer a ride to the store in his Mercedes. After arriving back at her home, Burges told investigators she went inside and left Greer and Smith outside. She walked outside to find Smith on the ground, bleeding. She says Greer told her he killed Smith, according to reports.

After cleaning the car and putting the dead body of Smith into the trunk, they drove to the Motel 6 where they stayed the night and left Sunday, abandoning the Mercedes in the parking lot, according to reports. Burge reportedly had taken a cell phone, iPod Nano, and a laptop belonging to the victim on the way to the Motel 6, but Greer threw the items out the window while they were driving. Hundreds of dollars were missing from the car, officials say, along with the items described by Burge.  She was charged with felony murder and robbery with a weapon. 

Lauren Dianne Rockwell, Pace, was sought by investigators Monday and turned her self in to Escambia County Sheriff's Officials that afternoon. She was being interrogated at press time.