Santa Rosa County, FL United Way Santa Rosa (UWSR) and its business partners commends the Northwest Florida delegation for reinstating language to protect the intent of the federal RESTORE Act.

"United Way Santa Rosa remains committed to its LOCAL obligations, the leveraging of community assets locally," said Kyle Holley, Development Director for UWSR. "It is our duty to advocate publicly across the State of Florida for our own - and our brothers and sisters in neighboring United Ways. Advocacy for local investment with regional impact is part of our mission and vision 2013."

"The Deepwater Horizon oil spill hit our coastal communities so close to home that many businesses and individuals are still recovering," said Director of Coastal Development, Kristen Loera. "I feel that while we all may share a coastline, each of our communities offers something unique; and local control of the RESTORE monies will have the greatest impact in creating jobs and stimulating our economies."

"Our annual assessment of community needs has shown a steady increase in needs since the economy's downturn in 2009," said Marianne Back, Director of Planning & Design. "Exacerbated by the Deep Horizon oil spill, our county is reeling from the stigma. Our federal legislators rely on us for needs assessment and advocacy. We will remain vigilant on this particular issue to ensure no inappropriate modification to language occurs."

UWSR is a locally owned and operated 501(c)3 nonprofit corporation whose mission is to improve lives by mobilizing the caring power of the Santa Rosa County community. The organization currently funds more than 15 charitable causes and provides its own countywide services such as the First Call for Help information and referral service. For more information about UWSR visit or visit the Facebook page at