All great civilizations, since recorded time, have collapsed due to internal corruption and self-serving greed. A case could be made for the U.S. Congress and White House occupants.  

Not only are they unaware that the U.S. is on the brink of a similar collapse, they‚re in love with what they see in their mirrors.

If you don't believe this, check your finances - if you have ANY assets left!

We built the oil pipeline from Alaska to free us from foreign interests.

Then, we began drilling for oil offshore for the U.S.

Finally, we drilled for the shale oil and natural gas sources from within our own northern states.

Have you looked at gas station pump prices? Checked your wallet lately?

Meanwhile, our Washington heroes gave themselves another raise. Government officials are frequently flying in big jets all over the world to play golf or go to the beach.  

Word is that our President spent about $1 million, to play a round of golf with Tiger Woods.  The President & his family should reimburse tax payers for personal trips, meals, Air Force One, extra Secret Service expenses, etc.

So who will really help us poor constituents?