Officers Howard Jones and Steve Hoomes and Lieutenants Doug Berryman and Brian Lambert responded to the scene of a single vessel crash involving a 39–foot vessel. The crash occurred several hundred yards from Shoreline Park in Gulf Breeze. The 61–year–old owner/operator was killed in the crash. Four passengers, including the owner’s 42–year–old son and 14–year–old granddaughter, were injured. The passengers were transported to Baptist Hospital in Pensacola. One passenger was transported to Alabama UAB Hospital on Sunday. The accident is under investigation.



Officer Matt Cushing received a complaint from Rooks Marina that a vessel was moored at the marina without permission. Officer Cushing conducted computer checks on the vessel registration and contacted the owner. The owner reported that his vessel had been stolen the week earlier. Officer Cushing met with the owner of the vessel to allow him to recover his property and turned over the theft investigation to the Santa Rosa County Sheriff’s Office.


At approximately 2 a.m., Officers Kenneth Manning, Randall Brooks, John Clark, Faris Livesay, and Lt. Dan Hahr worked with NOAA Officer Grant Demesillo to conduct an Individual Fish Quota (IFQ) inspection on the fishing vessel Mary Joyce. After the vessel docked, the captain and deckhand offloaded four large coolers containing approximately 600 pounds of red snapper. The offload of fish is prohibited between the hours of 6 p.m. and 6 a.m. A truck met the vessel crew at the dock and loaded the coolers into the bed. As the truck attempted to leave, the officers conducted a stop and inspection of the vehicle and vessel. The captain stated he was going to sell the fish to several individuals to make extra money on the side. The four coolers containing 587 pounds of red snapper and one undersized cobia were seized. Federal charges against the captain are pending.




Officer Heath Nichols made contact with a subject consuming alcoholic beverages at Henderson Beach State Park. As Officer Nichols approached, the subject tried to conceal the alcoholic beverage. A computer check revealed an active outstanding warrant for violation of probation stemming from a domestic violence charge. The subject was cited for possession and consumption of alcoholic beverages within the state park. He was transported and booked into the Okaloosa County Jail on the warrant.