Published April 10, 2013


Friday - 5:46 p.m.


Yes, I think the North Korean leader, either he's a bully or he want to play GI Joe with the world. And the visit with Rodman thing helped. I think that people here in America should send the video (?) in the family. Especially when Charlie Brown have the family together. There's a union. It's beautiful. Maybe if if he see that. He see the world in a different way.  The people are happy in America no matter what. And I just pray that man and woman be safe everywhere. In the other countries, it's not a fault that this crazy person... I just pray that everybody safe. If they home, don't go anywhere out of the country. Stay in your backyard. Thank you.


Saturday - 4:07 p.m.


Hello. This is Barbara. I'm just wondering are there really people so dumb that they think we have to have alcohol downtown on Sunday to have businesses. What about good food? It's as dumb as the idea of making downtown look like Disneyworld that has been quoted as one of our leaders saying. Remember, the number one drug problem: Alcohol. Bye.