Friday 7:24 a.m.
Yes, I'd like to also make a comment about all the fire trucks parked up and down Highway 90 three or four times a day sitting there with the engine running and the fire men in there. I thought that's why we build that new firehouse where they'd have a place to eat and watch free TV and everything instead of burning all that expensive fuel. If they're not going to ever stay in the firehouse we shouldn't have built a new one. They should have stayed at the other one since they don't ever stay there. I guess they'll be wanting a rate increase to pay for all that fuel now. We ought to just put portable toilets up and down Highway 90 by Ciscos where they can sit there and stay there all day because they don't ever spend any time in the new firehouse. Thank you very much. Goodbye.

Saturday 3:32 p.m.
In your Wednesday Feb. 20 issue letter to the editor it was very, very short letters, but two of the most explanatory letters you've ever published. Black Society says it all. It's just so simple and almost beautiful. It makes you think. This proves that short letters, how much meaning. And the thank you from the Kickers Family, it also was beautiful and short with lots of meaning. I've read Black Society two or three times and the more I read it the more truth I see in it. Thank you Press Gazette.

Saturday 4:24 p.m.
Yea this is Bobby. I just wanted to congratulate the tree hugging whiners that managed to stop oil drilling in Blackwater. If you can't drill in 100,000 acres on land guess where that leads? Drilling in the gulf. They're going to get oil somewhere. There's no problem with drilling on land. (Not understood) they don't want drilling. So they're going to end up hauling it in on tankers which stands a chance of leaking and ruining the beaches or they're going to drill in the gulf and take a chance on ruining the beaches. So congratulation whiners. Thank you.