Historical Church is in need of repairs.  One of the oldest churches in Milton needs your help.

Organizers say, "We are collecting, cans, aluminum, metal, washing machines, dryers, lawn movers, anything metal.  If you would like to help, please bring your cans/and/or metal to our church on Saturdays.  They will be picked up and taken to the recycle place.  If you have large items you can’t bring to the church, call 983-7803 or 686-7012 and someone will come pick it up." 

Please do not bring paper, glass, or cardboard.  Soda and beer cans in one bag, and any other type cans or metal in another bag.  Soda cans do not have to be rinsed, but do rinse out the other type cans. 

"We would appreciate your help immensely.  We’re trying to raise enough money to get grant funding to restore our church."

The church is red brick, First Presbyterian Church on Elmira St. downtown Milton.  The white building across from the church is our fellowship hall.  Please leave any donations by the fellowship building in the parking lot by the door.  Thank you so much to everyone that can help. The address of the church is: 5203 Elmira Street, Milton, Fla. 32570.

Church History:The First Presbyterian Church of Milton was built in 1868 after Reverend J.N. Lewis stopped in the areas of Bagdad and Milton, preaching. The year was 1866 when he originally came through and he received an invitation to return. After using the churches of other denominations for preaching, he decided a church was needed for his Presbyterian followers. He traveled to Mobile and New Orleans to ask for donations. He received enough in cash and materials to begin building. On August 14, 1868, the reverend preached his first sermon in the new church. There were 28 founding members. For additional details on the founding the The First Presbyterian Church of Milton, visit: http://www.fpcmilton.org/our-history.html.